Beginning writing includes fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination for controlling writing tools, understanding that we can show our thoughts through drawing and writing, and writing letters that represent sounds in words.

How can I help?

  • Create tactile letters to touch and trace.
    • Print a letter from your child’s name in large clear print on a sheet of construction paper. Trace over the letters with glue and let it dry. After it dries, encourage your child to trace the letters in his or her name. The dried glue creates a texture your child can feel as he or she traces with a finger.
  • Improve your child’s ability to grasp a pencil, marker, crayon or other writing tool.
    • For example, provide clothespins that your child can squeeze to open or large plastic tweezers that your child can use to pick up cotton balls.
  • Provide creative ways to draw and write.
    • For example, you can have your child do “Ribbon Writing “and make letter shapes in the air. All you will need is a piece of ribbon or a scarf. Show your child how to make the letters in his or her name by moving the ribbon or the scarf in the air.
  • Use your child’s name to practice letter formation.
    • For example, write the letters of your child’s name on white paper. Using washable markers, encourage him or her to trace the outside of the letters using a different color each time. He or she will have created a “rainbow” with the letters in his or her name.