Letter knowledge includes recognition and naming of letter names and letter sounds.

How can I help?

  • Introduce simple spelling activities.
    • Provide alphabet cereal. Have your child find the letters c, a, and t. Ask your child to use the letters to spell the word cat. Next have your child spell a word that rhymes with cat. You might say, “If you can spell cat, then you can spell mat.” Have your child eat the letter “c” and look for the letter that makes the first sound in mat.
  • Help your child make connections to letter names and letter sounds.
    • For example, help your child create his or her own personal alphabet book. Provide scissors, paper, glue and markers. Each day choose a letter and have your child search through magazines, junk mail or recycled materials, cut out the letter and glue it to the page. You can even encourage him or her to find pictures, objects or other items that begin with that and add it to the book. Be creative and create your own rules.
  • Make learning meaningful and create memories.
    • Ask a family member such as a grandparent, aunt or uncle to write a simple message and finish this sentence about your child" "I love your ___." Help your child read it. Next have your child complete the same sentence, filling in a new word and sending it back. Continue this back and forth communication, changing the sentences often.
  • Create games where you provide clues to help your child identify letter sounds.
    • Have a Scavenger Hunt. Your child will look for objects around the house that end with a specific letter sound. Ask your child the object’s name and the ending letter and sound.