Letter knowledge includes recognition and naming of letter names and letter sounds.

How can I help?

  • Use the letters in your child’s name to learn the letters of the alphabet.
    • For example, print your child’s name on an index card. Encourage your child to touch and trace the letters with one finger, saying the letter name and then tracing the letter with two fingers as you say the letter sound together. You might also provide water and a paintbrush and invite your child to paint letters on an outside wall, patio or sidewalk.
  • Incorporate movement into letter name and letter sound activities.
    • Say the name of a letter or a letter sound and ask your child to write the letter in the air with his or her arms, elbow or foot.
  • Ask your child to think of words that begin with that letter and write them in the air. Help your child spell words as needed.
  • Use print and pictures in books to practice letter recognition.
    • For example you might provide a pair of plastic, child-safe sun glasses with the lenses safely removed. Make the sound of a letter and ask your child to wear these special glasses to help you find the letter in books, printed materials or on signs.
  • Create games that encourage letter recognition.
    • Have your child look for the letters of the alphabet on billboards, logos, vehicles, traffic signs, etc. Start with the letter A, and when someone in the car sees the letter, shout out: “I Spy with my little eye the letter A.” Those who did not find the letter have to make the letter sound three times before they can start looking for the next letter. If your child is not sure of the sound, you have to make the sound together before searching for the next letter of the alphabet. When he finds and names a correct letter and sound he can eat a small handful of popcorn, or other healthy food.