Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Toddlers need lots of opportunities to practice the fine motor skills and coordination that will prepare them to become writers at a later date. Aim for the Bowl is a simple, fun activity that will keep your toddler surprisingly entertained while giving him some fine motor practice! You might use this activity to keep your little one occupied while you are busy preparing dinner.

  • empty paper towel roll
  • painter’s tape (removes easily from walls)
  • a variety of uncooked pasta shapes (e.g., shells, bowtie, spiral, rigatoni)
  • small unbreakable bowl or colander
  • small paper bag  

Step 1:   Use painter’s tape to adhere an empty paper towel roll to a sliding glass door or the wall. Place the roll vertically a little bit above your toddler’s waist.

Step 2: Place a small bowl or colander (6-8” in diameter) under the paper towel roll so that the bottom of the roll is about 8” above the bowl. You may need to adjust the distance if you find it is too close or too far.

Step 3: Put some uncooked pasta in a small paper bag. Show your toddler how to drop the pasta into the roll and down into the bowl.

Step 4: Step aside and let your toddler have fun! Some of the pasta will stay in the bowl and some will bounce out. That’s part of the excitement.

Step 5: Teach your child how to clean up the pasta that got away!