Prep: 2 Minutes / Activity Time: 4-5 Minutes

Your toddler may have demonstrated her enjoyment of music and singing by bouncing to the beat, moving her hands and fingers, or singing a word here and there. Singing is a learning experience that will promote her communication and social skills. When your toddler listens, she hears new vocabulary words, associates the names of objects with the words you sing, and hears rhymes and rhythms. This fun activity will combine singing and pretend play as you bring one of her toy animals to life as it performs a favorite tune. Encourage your child to join in the fun!

  • stuffed animal or puppet

Step 1: Select one of your child’s stuffed animals or puppets. Give the animal a friendly voice as you pretend to speak for the animal, bringing it to life. Invite your child to come and join the fun. For example:

Hi Rachel, I’m Pretty Pony and I want to sing a song for you. Would you like to listen and sing with me?

Step 2: Start singing a song that is familiar to your child. Create opportunities for her to participate. Leave off a key word and see if your child will try to fill it in. Sing a song with actions and encourage her to move along.

Step 3: When the song is over, cheer and applaud enthusiastically. Engage your child and ask if she’d like the animal to sing another song. Remember, it’s ok if your child wants you to sing the song over and over. The repetition helps her learn the lyrics and understand what the words mean. Perhaps she'd like a turn to make the animal sing, or even choose another toy. Follow her lead and have fun!