Prep: None / Activity Time: 15 Minutes

Infants love looking at their parents' faces during their first few months of life. Your infant is learning how to maintain her attention and organize her eye gaze for longer lasting periods of time. This ability is the foundation for later developing attention to objects and printed letters on a page. You can help your baby with this important developmental phase by establishing and maintaining eye contact with her during pleasurable activities.

  • any comfortable chair or rocking chair with armrests

Step1: Sit in a comfortable chair while holding your infant and cuddling her close. Cradle her head in the hook of your arm so that her face is in front of your face.

Step 2: While you are feeding or rocking her, look at your baby and talk to her using a slow, soft, and melodic voice. Try singing to your baby and saying her name frequently.

Step 3: Your baby will enjoy hearing your voice and will focus her attention on your face. When she looks at you, look into her beautiful eyes and maintain her eye contact for as long as she gazes at you.

Step 4: Continue this pattern by talking or singing to her again and engaging her in periods of eye contact.

Step 5: As she gets older, your baby will be able to establish and maintain eye contact for longer periods of time.