Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

If your baby is between 6 months and 11 months old, she is at a peak age for receptive language development (the comprehension of language). She might be experimenting with pitch, intonation and volume. She also might be using her tongue more often to change sounds and trying to imitate your speech and sounds. This activity will give you and your little one more time to bond and it will help expose her to new sounds, vocabulary and repetition.

Step 1: Place your baby on your lap or sit down next to her if she is able to sit on her own.  You can even play this game when she is in her crib.

Step 2: Start by making eye contact with your baby and ask her how big she is. As you point to her, you might say:

How big is baby Emma? Baby Emma is so big!

Emphasize the words “so big” and use arm gestures to show her how big she is.

Step 3: Proceed and repeat Step 2 with her eyes, smile, arms, etc. Be sure to point out her body parts as you say them and try to use the same cadence when repeating the phrase “so big.”

  • How big are Emma’s eyes? Emma’s eyes are so big!
  • How big is Emma’s smile? Emma’s smile is so big!
  • How big are Emma’s hands? Emma’s hands are so big!

Step 4: Continue until she signals that she is no longer interested.