Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 10-15 Minutes

Finger painting provides a fun way for your toddler to strengthen the muscles in her hands and fingers. As your child progresses through the toddler years, she’ll begin to use those muscles to help her control crayons and pencils.

  • non-toxic body paint in small container
  • bathing suit for your child
  • water hose or bathtub for cleanup

Step 1: After you put your child in her bathing suit, take her outside or place her in a bathtub without any water in it.

Step 2: Tell your child that she can use the special finger paint to make pictures on her body.

Step 3: Show her how you extend your forefinger and dip it in the paint. Then take your finger and draw a circle on your child’s leg. As you make the circle you might say “I am using my finger to draw a circle. The circle is round just like your ball.”

Step 4: Ask your child to point her finger and help her dip it in the container of body paint. Once the finger is covered, encourage her to use it to draw on herself.

Step 5: Have fun! You may help her make zigzags on her tummy, lines on the top of her feet, or smiley faces on her leg!

Step 6: Once your child is done painting her body, wash her off and tell her she can do this again another day.