Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Between 6 and 11 months, babies are able to use both hands when manipulating an object. This allows them to begin to manipulate a book to look at its pages. You may find that your baby will begin to use one hand to steady a book and the other hand to turn the pages. Provide books with stiff, thick pages that are easier for her to turn. Cardboard books are a great choice for this age.

  • cardboard books

Step 1: Provide a sturdy, cardboard book to read with your child. Look for books that have bright, bold illustrations of things that are familiar to your baby. Books with faces appeal to babies, as do books about daily routines (bathing, eating, dressing). Babies also enjoy books with rhymes and rhythmic language. 

Step 2: If your baby is interested, hold her and read the book by labeling and talking about the pictures. Ask her to point to pictures that you name. Allow her to help turn the pages.  There is no need to read a book from start to finish at this age. Follow your baby’s lead and make book time an enjoyable time. 

Step 3: Your baby may want to simply manipulate the book by opening and closing it, slapping at the pages and even sucking it. That’s ok. Babies at this age need time to just engage in physical exploration of a book.