Prep: / Activity Time:

If your child loves to repeat the same sound over and over, it means he's growing phonological awareness skills. Take advantage of his love for repetition and introduce the concept of rhyming with this fun activity!

  • clear, everyday tape
  • scissors
  • clipart images or magazine images of the following:
    • bows (rhymes with toes or nose)
    • pies (rhymes with eyes)
    • tears (rhymes with ears)
    • vase (rhymes with face)


Step 1: Gather images either on your computer or in a magazine. Make sure the images are about the size of your palm or smaller. 

Step 2: Cut the images out. Take a piece of tape, roll it into a small cylinder and place the tape on the back of the image.


Step 1: Sit on the floor with your little one and tell him that you are going to play a fun game using pictures. Tell him you are going to put different pictures on him. He has to take them off and then hand them to you.

Step 2: Start with the "bows" image. You can place the bows image on your child’s toes or his nose.

Step 3: After he takes the image off, show him the picture and say the word. Then tell him where he found the bows. You might say:

This is a picture of some bows. You found them on your toes! Bows and toes, bows and toes!

Step 4: Proceed with another image. The following images correspond to the following body parts:

  • pies and eyes
  • tears and ears
  • vase and face

Step 5: Try to use one image at a time and continue to play until he signals that he is ready for something new.