Prep: 3 Minutes / Activity Time: 4-6 Minutes

Your child can continue to work on her observation skills by playing this fun game. Give her a collection of uppercase magnetic alphabet letters in different colors. As she holds the letters in her hand and sorts them by color, she will begin to notice that although they are the same color, the letters have different shapes. This will be an important step in learning the individual letters and their distinct characteristics.

  • uppercase magnetic alphabet letters in a variety of colors
  • box
  • refrigerator door or cookie sheets
  • construction paper in the same colors as the letters

Step 1: Place a variety of uppercase alphabet letters in a box.

Step 2: Cut strips of construction paper for each color of the alphabet letters and tape to the refrigerator door or a cookie sheet.

Step 3: Encourage your child to choose a magnet from the box, say what color it is, and place the letter next to the matching colored paper. Remember to acknowledge and praise your child’s attempts.

Step 4: Continue until all alphabet magnets have been sorted by color.

Have your child find letters of one color. For example, show the “blue” piece of paper and have her find only the blue letters. Once she has found all the blue letters, show her another color and continue the game.

Have her find letters she may recognize. For example, “Show me the first letter in your name. Yes that’s the red uppercase letter T.”

See how many other uppercase letters your child can recognize and find.