Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

As you are searching for new toys for your infant, consider concept books that focus on colors, shapes and letters as well as plastic and cloth blocks with a variety of textures, shapes and letters. Your infant needs lots of playful opportunities to explore colors, shapes, letters and textures.

  • concept books focusing on colors, shapes, textures, and letters (sturdy board books and plastic or cloth books are best for this age)
  • plastic and cloth blocks with textures and letters

Step 1: Read concept books to your child that focus on colors, shapes, letters and textures.

Step 2: Point out and talk about shapes, colors and textures in your environment. (“Mommy has a bright green shirt on. Daddy’s shirt has stripes.” “This square block is so smooth.”)

Step 3: Provide your infant with plastic and cloth blocks that she can explore, stack, tumble and enjoy. Point out the shapes, colors, letters and textures on the blocks as your child plays.