Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Here is a fun knock-down activity that will expose your child to alphabet letters. Choose a room that has open space and hard flooring like tile or hardwood, or find an outdoor space for the game.

  • large size plastic cups
  • permanent marker
  • small ball


Step 1: Using a bold black marker, print large uppercase letters onto large size plastic drinking cups. Print the letters so that the cups can be placed upside down for the activity.  Start with the letters that are in your toddler’s first name. 


Step 1: Place three to four letter cups upside down on the floor. Position your toddler about two to three feet away from the cups (or as close as necessary to ensure success) and give him a small ball.

Step 2: Invite him to roll the ball towards one of the letter cups and try to knock it down. If he misses, roll the ball back to him. If he knocks one down, cheer enthusiastically and say the letter name. For example:

“Crash, bang, D! You did it David, look, you knocked down the letter D! Can you get the letter D and bring it to me?”

Step 3:  When your child brings the letter cup to you, you might touch and trace the letter and talk about what you are doing. For example:

“You have the letter D in your hand. Look it has one straight line and one big bump. Can you trace the letter D?”

Step 4: Continue with a few other letters as long as your child is interested.