Prep: None / Activity Time: 2-3 Minutes

From birth to about age five months, infants are especially interested in looking at your face. Spend time with your infant face-to-face. This helps to teach him that people close to him take pleasure in his communication attempts.

Step 1: Throughout the day, spend a few moments face-to-face with your baby while talking to him.

Step 2: When you are holding, feeding or bathing your baby, bend toward him so that your face is about 8 to 14 inches away from his face.

Step 3: While looking into his eyes, talk to him in slow, exaggerated speech patterns. For example, you might say..."Hi Dil . . .lon. I’m your mom . . . my!" or “There’s my special boy!”

Step 4: While you are face-to-face, try moving your head from side to side. Often, your baby’s eyes will fixate on your eyes while you are moving.

Step 5: Respond to your baby’s communication attempts while you are face-to-face by saying… "There’s your beautiful smile!" or “I hear you talking. Goooo…tell me more.”