Prep: 10 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Your child will distinguish objects by touch in this Feel and Find activity. Start by letting your child identify common toys and household objects by touch. Later on, you might see if he can identify foam or plastic alphabet letters by touch.

  • cloth or paper bag
  • a variety of objects (e.g., writing tools, pretend plastic foods, toys)
  • photos of the objects (or duplicate objects)
  • large foam or plastic letters and index cards (for Add Some Challenge activity)

Step 1: Locate objects that your child will be able to identify by touch. For example, you might use pretend plastic food, writing tools or toys. Take a photo of each of the objects or use duplicate objects if available.  

feel-findStep 2: Place four objects into a cloth or paper bag that your child will not be able to see into. For example, if you are using plastic food, you might place a banana, an ear of corn, a carrot and a stalk of asparagus into the bag. Place a photo or duplicate of one of the objects on the table for your child to look at.

Step 3: Ask your child to put his hand in the bag and to try to find the matching object without peeking. You might say:

Feel the foods that are in the bag. Can you find the corn? Don’t peek! Just use your hands.

Step 4: Continue with the remaining objects.

Use objects that are very different in shape and size. For example, if you are using pretend foods, you might include a banana, an apple, a strawberry and a grape.

Use three to four large foam or plastic letters. You might start with letters in your child’s name. Print the letters on index cards. Place one letter card at a time on the table. Ask your child to feel the letters in the bag to find the matching letter.