Prep: None / Activity Time: 10 Minutes

The kitchen is full of fun words like mozzarella, zucchini, and rutabaga! Many words seem to have their own rhythm and a beat. So, next time you open the fridge, play some word games with your child.

  • foods in your refrigerator

Step 1: When you open the fridge or you are preparing a meal, play some word games with your child. Here are some examples:

Clap or hop for each part of the word:

  • Moz-za-rell-a
  • Meat-balls
  • Can-ta-loupe
  • Straw-ber-ries

Say rhyming words (they can be nonsense words):

  • Carrot-parrot
  • Cherry-merry
  • Peach-beach
  • Cauliflower-dollytower

Remember – make these activities fun, nonthreatening and game-like. At this age, introduce your child to these skills as exposure. Mastering the skills will come later.  

Clap out simple words that are just one or two syllables.  

Play “Find the Missing Sound”:

  • __lueberries
  • __otatoes
  • __ettuce
  • __roccoli