Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

This activity will entertain your curious little one’s senses as she grabs and touches, looks and listens, and even tastes and smells! There will be many opportunities for both of you to describe what you see, hear and touch to build a rich vocabulary. A large vocabulary will be so beneficial for her later reading ability.

  • variety of balls in different textures, colors, and weights (e.g., golf ball, ping pong ball, textured ball, small squishy ball)
  • large cereal box or cardboard box
  • scissors
  • basket or bin


Step 1: Gather a variety of balls and place in a basket or bin.

Step 2: Cut several holes on one side of a large cereal box or cardboard box, big enough for the balls to fit through.


Step 1: Encourage your child to take one of the balls from the bin. Describe the ball she chose.

For example: “Look Isabel, you have the light blue golf ball. It feels heavy and it has little bumps on it.”

Step 2: Place the box down on the floor in front of your child with the holes showing. You might say:

“Look at this box, it has holes cut out. Can you put that ball in a hole?” Use a dramatic voice as you comment when the ball goes in the box: “Uh oh! Where did it go?”

Step 4: Let your child have fun putting in and taking out the different balls. Remember to describe or ask questions about the sound, color, weight, texture or anything else you may think of. Have fun!