Prep: 10 Minutes / Activity Time: 10-15 Minutes

Learning about writing includes the understanding that print carries a message. This activity uses written clues to send your child on an amusing scavenger hunt, culminating with a prize at the end!

  • paper
  • markers or pencils

Step 1: Create a set of four or five cards that give clues to your child as he goes on a “Prize Hunt.” Use a combination of words and pictures in the clue cards. Examples of clue cards might include: Go to the (picture of toaster); Go to the (picture of kitchen table); Go to the (picture of your TV). You can find clip art pictures or use digital photos of the actual items in your home. Place the clue cards around your home before you start your child on this scavenger hunt and hide a small prize at the last stop.

Step 2: Hand your child the first clue and read the clue card to your child. Read the words as you point to each of them and let your child read the last part (the picture). Tell your child to go to the item on the clue card to get the next clue.

Step 3: Follow the clues on the cards. At the last location, encourage your child to find the prize!

Start with just two to three clue cards before your child finds the prize.

Ask your child to create two or three of his own clue cards, hide them and send you on the hunt!