Prep: None / Activity Time: 2-3 Minutes

Reaching, grasping, shaking and dropping a toy aids your child in learning to grasp with all of her fingers at the same time. Grasping is an important fine motor skill needed for eye-hand coordination and eventually for controlling and holding writing tools. Use toys and objects from around your home that are made of different textures to help your baby adjust her grip and bring her hands together.

  • infant toys or objects around your home
  • small bucket or basket  

Step 1: Choose infant toys, infant socks or fabric of different textures and contrasting colors such as a black sock and white sock.  

Step 2: Hold the toy or item in front of your baby about 8 to 12 inches away until your baby notices the item.

Step 3: As your baby reaches out for the item, move it toward her hand and let the grasping begin.