Prep: 3 Minutes / Activity Time: 1-2 Minutes

At about two years old, children begin to notice the different shapes, lines and circles that appear in books and printed materials. Create a Hall of Shapes to help your child notice the different features of print.

  • plain paper
  • tape
  • writing utensil

Step 1: Draw circles on three to four pieces of paper and draw lines on another three to four pieces of paper. Hang the drawings at your child’s eye level in the hallway or on a wall.

Step 2: Show your child a circle drawing. Tell your child to get ready to go on a “Circle Hunt” and see how many circles she can find. You might say:

This is a circle. It goes round and round. Are your ready to go on a circle hunt? Find all the circles that look like this. On your mark! Get set! Go!

Step 3: Rehang the circles and then ask your child to go on a “Line Hunt.”

Hang cards that have the same shape on the wall.

Add more shapes to the Hall of Shapes such as squares, triangles or ovals.