Prep: 2-5 Minutes / Activity Time: 15-20 Minutes

Healthy habits are an important part of a fulfilling life. Help your child make a creative reminder of the routines we follow to keep ourselves in good health. It's a great way to build beginning writing skills and talk about healthy habits at the same time!

  • paper
  • crayons, pencils, and/or markers
  • Optional: magazine or ad clippings, scissors, glue, stickers

You might read the book Staying Healthy with your child before this activity.

Step 1: Once the supplies are gathered, give your child a sheet of paper and some crayons, pencils, and/or markers to use. Explain that you’re going to help her make a sign or poster showing healthy habits.

Step 2: Talk about some habits that keep us healthy. For example, you could talk about habits like washing hands before eating, brushing teeth twice a day, and exercising. 

Step 3: Encourage your child to draw pictures of these or other healthy habits. Help her write words that describe each habit. For example, if she draws fruits and vegetables to illustrate a healthy diet, help her write those words. Say the letter names as you write the words together.

Step 4: Display the sign where it can be easily seen. Refer to it when talking about the importance of healthy habits and other routines.   

Pick only one habit and have your child draw a picture to illustrate it.

Add more healthy habits or add sentences to help explain each one.