Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Provide many opportunities for success as your baby grows and explores new things. Play simple games where your baby can discover the “rules” of the game by your positive response. As your baby grows, creating these positive experiences with learning will be important as your baby begins to explore print, letters and words.


  • baby blanket
  • baby toy


Step 1: Show your baby the blanket and then show your baby the toy. Say: “Here is your blanket.”  “Here is your toy.”

Step 2: Hide the toy under the blanket with part of the toy showing so your child can see it.

Step 3: Encourage your child to find the toy. As she learns to play the game, you might need to reveal more parts of the toy until your baby finds it. If she still doesn’t pull blanket off, then show her how to find the toy.  

Step 4:  Make a big deal about how she moved the blanket to find the toy (even if you helped). “Look you found the toy under the blanket. Hooray!”