Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Infants live in the “here and now” and they learn language and new words by hearing them used in context in their everyday lives. Help your child develop language by using sentences to describe and talk about things as they happen.

Step 1: Pay attention to your baby’s newfound interest in something in her environment. When something catches your baby’s eye and interest, use that opportunity to talk about it. It might go something like this:

Baby: Shows new interest in a painting on your wall.

Parent: “Aaahhhh. Kelly found the painting. It’s a beautiful painting. Look at the red flowers. And look! There is a pretty bird sitting in the tree. It reminds me of when we go for a walk outside.”

Step 2: Continue walking around with your baby and commenting when she shows a special interest in something. Follow your baby’s cues and stop when she becomes fussy or tired.