Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-4 Minutes

At this age, most babies say their first words. Your baby will collect new words to use and she may say about a dozen words by the end of this stage. Expand her one-word response by stretching it into a sentence. Go a step further by making up a story, rhyme or song that has to do with your baby’s new favorite word!

  • your baby’s voice
  • your voice

Step 1:  When your baby uses a word, stretch it into a sentence or two. For example:

Baby: “Dog”

You: “Yes, it’s a dog. He has very soft fur.”  

Baby: “Dog”

You: “Yes. Look at the cute dog!”

Step 2:   Take it further by making up a song, rhyme, or story about your baby’s word. For example:

“That little dog is black and white

He doesn’t bark and he doesn’t bite

He’ll run around and sit and stay

Throw a ball! He loves to play!

He’ll sniff your hand and give you a smooch

This little dog is one nice pooch!”