Prep: None / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Hide some of your toddler’s toys and let her find them. Hiding games are favorites for toddlers and they help them stay focused on an activity.

  • stuffed animals


Step 1:  Hide one of your toddler’s favorite stuffed animals (under a blanket, behind a chair, under a table, etc.) while your toddler is watching. Say a little rhyme each time you hide one of the animals.

         Where is your little fuzzy bear?

        He’s hiding from you and me.

        Let’s see if we can find him.

        Quickly, 1-2-3.   

Step 2:  Go with your child to the place that the stuffed animal was hidden and pull it out with excitement. 

Step 3:  Take turns. Ask your toddler to hide a toy. Say the rhyme and then go with her to find the toy she just hid. 

 Step 4:  Continue the game with the same stuffed animal or with other toys as long as your toddler remains interested.