Prep: 2-3 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Toddlers love to play with water. Use this simple water-play activity to expose your toddler to alphabet letters and their sounds.

  • letter sponges – homemade or purchased
  • buckets or bowls of water

Step 1: Place a variety of letter-shaped sponges in a basket.  Fill a bucket or bowl with water. Take your little one outside to the sidewalk or other concrete area. 

Step 2: Pick out a letter sponge and demonstrate what happens when you dip it in water, squeeze it out and then print with it on the concrete. Encourage your child to pick out a letter sponge, dip it in the water and print with it. 

Step 3: After your toddler has had time to explore and play independently with the water and sponges, you might introduce the names and sounds of the letters. For example:

That’s the letter /c/ /c/ C. Can you say /c/ /c/ C with me?

Step 4: Allow your child to choose another letter and print it on the concrete. Follow your child’s lead and interest as she chooses more letters to print.