Prep: None / Activity Time: 5 Minutes

Help your toddler become aware of the many sounds of nature and the outdoors. You can name the sounds you hear and you might even try to imitate them.

Step 1: Take your toddler outdoors and sit on a picnic blanket.

Step 2: Tell her that you are going to sit very quietly and listen to the sounds you hear outside.

Step 3: Listen for sounds and bring your toddler’s attention to them. You might even try to imitate the sounds. For example, when you hear a bird chirp, try to copy the sound and tell her to listen for the beautiful bird song. After awhile, she may even try to imitate it.

Step 4: Listen for and talk about other sounds, such as a breeze blowing and rustling the trees, crickets chirping, car or motorcycle engines rumbling or a train or airplane roaring in the distance.