Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Toddlers love to respond to action words by performing the actions. Say these poems and perform the actions with your toddler. You will both end up laughing!

Step 1:  Find a safe space where your toddler can move around and be active. 

Step 2:  Say one of these poems with your toddler or make up your own. Say each line slowly and perform the actions with him. Be silly and have fun!

Little Bird

Little Bird, Little Bird, spin around,
Little Bird, Little Bird, tap the ground.
Little Bird, Little Bird, wiggle your nose,
Little Bird, Little Bird, touch your toes.  

My Wonderful Child

My wonderful child, jump up and down,
My wonderful child, make a frown.
My wonderful child, crawl like a bug,
My wonderful child, come give me a big hug!