Prep: None / Activity Time: 5 Minutes

Use a baby-safe mirror or even your bathroom mirror to provide a fun time for your baby to see, hear and feel the coos that are coming out of his cute little mouth!

  • a lightweight, baby-safe mirror
  • a play mat or a changing mattress and table
  • your voice

If you do not have a baby-safe mirror on hand, you can use your bathroom mirror.

Step 1: Lay your play mat on the floor and place your child on his back on the play mat; for ease of your back, you can lay your baby on his changing mattress and table, making sure to secure him if he rolls.

Step 2: With your baby-safe mirror within reach, make eye contact with your baby and start a “conversation” of vowel sounds with him. (Prior to 4-months-old, infants don’t have a lot of control over their vocalizations. However, you can respond to your baby when he begins to coo or produce raspberries by imitating and introducing the mirror.)

Step 3: Once your baby coos, repeat the sound that he makes. Once he continues to coo, place the mirror in front of his face (8 to 12 inches away) and repeat the sound your baby makes. Watch if your baby notices his reflection and still continues to coo – if he does, continue to coo with him!

If you do not have a baby-safe mirror

Step 1: Hold your baby in your arms and walk up to your bathroom mirror.

Step 2: You baby may automatically look at your reflection first. Make eye contact with his mirror reflection and encourage him to make his favorite sounds by talking, cooing, using facial expressions or a combination of all of them.

Step 3: Once your baby starts to coo, have him focus on his reflection by moving him closer to mirror (8 to 12 inches away) and pointing or touching his reflection.

Step 4: Your baby may continue to coo and smile at his reflection; keep the conversation going by cooing as well and encourage him to touch the mirror.