Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Babies love music and instinctively move to the beat. Using hand motions to music promotes dexterity, builds self-esteem and increases confidence. Choose books that have pictures to match the words of your favorite songs and nursery rhymes. As your baby grows, creating these positive, interactive experiences with books will help your baby explore the differences between pictures, print and letters.


  • nursery rhyme books with pictures
  • song books with pictures


Step 1: Sing familiar nursery rhymes or songs with your baby.

Step 2: Gently help your baby move to the rhythm or the beat of the rhyme or song. For example, you might clap your hands together and then gently help your baby clap her hands together.

Step 3: Choose books that have pictures that go along with the nursery rhyme or song. Sing and move together while looking at the pictures.