Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

In these first few months of life, your baby will begin to have more control of his grasp and will make an effort to hold onto objects and toys. He still will not be able to let go of objects voluntarily. By around five months, he may start to bring his hands and toys to his mouth. Here are some ideas to help your little one develop better strength and fine motor control.

  • a variety of small infant toys

Step 1: Offer your infant a variety of small infant toys to explore. Provide toys that have different shapes, colors, sounds and textures.

Step 2: Let your baby explore the toys and learn ways to make the toys move or make noise. By providing toys of different shapes and sizes, you will give him practice adjusting his grip.

Step 3: You can help your baby bring his hands together so that he can feel and explore toys.

Step 4: Follow your baby’s cues as to when to be more involved and when to step back and watch. The key is to be involved without over stimulating your little one.