Prep: None / Activity Time: 5 Minutes

Playing a simple game like peek-a-boo can form or strengthen amazing numbers of brain cell connections. Music at a young age also influences brain development. This activity of musical peek-a-boo combines both.

  • musical toy
  • blanket

Step 1: Take out a musical toy and show it to your infant. Listen to the music together.

Step 2: While the music is playing, hide the toy under a blanket so that it is partially or completely out of your baby’s sight.

Step 3: Using exaggerated arm movements and an animated voice, ask your baby, “Where is the music? Can you find the music?”

Step 4: When your baby looks towards the music or goes to find it, give her lots of excited acknowledgement. “Do you hear the music? Did you find it?”

Step 5: Lift off the blanket and say “Peek-a-Boo, I can dance, can you?” Dance with your baby until the end of the song. If your child is still interested, try it again with another song.