Prep: 15-20 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Make a folder game to help your child practice color words. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to create a fun and interactive activity for your preschooler.

  • file folder
  • pictures of objects or animals in a variety of colors
  • glue
  • markers in a variety of colors
  • black marker
  • sticky notes


Step 1: Collect six pictures of objects or animals in a variety of colors.

Step 2: Glue the pictures onto a file folder, leaving empty space to the right of each picture for your child to place a sticky note. When you glue the pictures, glue them just at the top. Then, lift each picture and print the word of the color in black under the picture (see sample). This will be used later as you add challenge to the activity.

sticky-folderStep 3: Print color words onto sticky notes using markers that match the color of the word (e.g., the word red will be printed using a red marker).


Step 1: Give your child the color folder and the set of six sticky notes that match the colors of the objects in the folder.

Step 2: Review the colors of the pictures with your child. Then ask her to match the color words to the matching pictures. Offer help if she needs it.

Start with just red, blue and yellowThis will reduce the number of choices. It also gives your child three choices that are visually different, making it easier to differentiate.

Print all the color words using a black marker. That removes the color clues given in the original activity. Your child will need to rely on the letters in each color word to figure it out. When your child is at this level, teach her how to check to see if she is right by positioning the sticky notes and then peeking under the pictures to see if she has a match.