Prep: 10 Minutes / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

As you talk and sing to your baby, she is listening to the sounds of language and connecting them with words. One of the first words your baby will understand is her name. Help your baby make important sound connections by providing opportunities for your baby to hear and see her name.

  • 12-inch fabric, foam, wood etc. letters spelling your baby’s name

Step 1: Everyday routines, like changing, bathing, feeding and rocking, provide endless opportunities for you to talk to your baby. As you talk to your baby, use her name often. For example, as you’re changing her diaper, you might say:

I see Ava! Where’s Ava? There she is!

Step 2: Hang your baby’s name with large, brightly colored letters made from fabric, foam or wood on the wall above her crib or changing table. As your baby begins to look around and focus on objects, she will enjoy exploring the brightly colored letters with her eyes!

Step 3: Bring her visual attention to her name on the wall as you say and talk about her name. As she is lying on her back on her changing table or in her crib, you might say:

This says Ava. That’s your name! You’re our precious Ava. We love Ava sooooo much!

Step 4: Try singing a song to your baby using her name. Your baby doesn’t mind if you make up a silly song; she will love hearing your voice and the sound of her special name. You can even change the words to a popular lullaby. For example, try changing the words to Frére Jacques using your baby’s name. It might sound like this:

I see Ava. I see Ava.
Yes, I do! Yes, I do!
She’s our lovely little girl,
She’s our lovely little girl,
Yes, she is! Yes, she is!

Step 5: As your baby grows and develops during her first few months, watch for signs that she is recognizing her name. For example, she may begin to smile at you when she hears you say her name.