Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-7 Minutes

Your child at this stage of beginning writing may be able to grasp a crayon with her thumb and finger. To promote grasping and using the small muscles of the fingers, you and your child can make your own jewelry.

  • string
  • 1-inch beads, macaroni or large cereal

Step 1:  Provide an assortment of 1-inch beads, macaroni or large cereal and string that is stiff and has a long, hard tip, so small hands can more easily manipulate it.  

Step 2: Show your child how to thread the materials through the string. This works best with objects that are easy for your child to hold and that have large holes.  

Step 3: To keep the beads from falling off, tie one end of the string around the first bead until your child has finished stringing all the beads.