Prep: 1-2 Minutes / Activity Time: 5 Minutes

At the beginning stages of learning the alphabet, start by concentrating on the letters in your child’s name, especially the first letter. Children enjoy learning about their names. These are their favorite letters!

  • enough sheets of paper to make a three- to four-page book
  • large-point markers
  • photos of your child
  • non-toxic glue
  • stapler


Step 1: Staple the sheets of paper together to make a book.  

Step 2: Write your child’s name on several pages and glue a photo of your child on each page.  

Step 3:  Show your child the Name Book and relate your child’s name to the pictures. You might say:  “Look, there’s a picture of you. And these letters show your name: Miles. Your name starts with M. M is for Miles!”  

_DSC4975Just remember, at this age, we do not expect your child to remember the names of the letters. Your child will need many exposures to a letter in many playful ways before he will recognize and remember the name of the letter or its sound. This activity is about exposure and fun!