Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Your baby is developing motor skills that will prepare him to use drawing and writing tools as he gets older. You don’t need to purchase fancy toys for him to play with. Pull out some plastic bowls and watch him have fun nesting the bowls inside each other.

  • plastic bowls of various sizes to use for nesting

Step 1: Gather a set of plastic bowls of various sizes that can be used for nesting. Start with four to five bowls.

Step 2: Place the bowls in a nested pile in front of your child.

Step 3: Watch as he pulls them apart and works to nest the bowls inside each other.

Step 4: Just watch! Provide language to go along with what you are observing. “You put the little yellow bowl inside the blue one! Ooops, that one is too big. It doesn’t fit, does it?” Avoid stepping in to rescue your little one by doing it for him. Give him a chance to use his judgment and figure it out on his own.