Prep: 15-20 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Early experiences to develop fine motor skills will help prepare your toddler for buttoning, zipping and snapping clothes as well as writing with pencils and crayons. With this homemade game, your toddler will love using her pincer grasp (thumb and forefinger) to open the flaps and find her very own photo!

  • two sturdy, large paper plates
  • scissors or cutter (adult use only)
  • small face photos (one of your toddler’s face and three family members or friends, approximately 1.5-2”)
  • glue
  • clear packing tape
  • clear contact paper (optional)


Step 1: On the first paper plate, cut four little flaps to make windows to reveal the photos that will be placed underneath. The flaps should be just a little larger than the photos. If desired, place clear contact paper or clear packing tape over the flaps to make them sturdier.

Step 2: Place the first paper plate on the second paper plate to mark where to glue the pictures. Glue your toddler’s picture and three photos of family members, making sure the photos will align with the windows you cut out when the two paper plates are combined. If desired, place clear contact paper or clear packing tape over the photos to protect them.

Step 3: Place the paper plate with the window flaps on top of the paper plate with the photos. Tape the edges of the plates together.


Step 1: Starting with the family photos, point to one of the flaps and ask your toddler, “Where, oh where, is baby? Is he hiding under here?” Invite your child to lift the flap to see if she finds her photo. Ask, “Is this your picture? Is this baby? No! It’s not you! It’s not (use your toddler’s name)! It’s (insert name of person in photo).”

Step 2: Continue with the other two family photos.

Step 3: On the last turn, point to the flap that is hiding your toddler’s photo. Invite her to lift the flap. Applaud her for finding her picture!

Step 4: Continue the game as long as your toddler shows interest.