Prep: None / Activity Time: 2-3 Minutes

Peekaboo games are lots of fun for your toddler. In addition, these types of interactive activities help your toddler learn to pay attention. So, use your imagination and bring peekaboo time into your everyday routines.

Step 1: Build peekaboo times in throughout your day, especially during your daily routines (e.g., diapering, dressing, feeding). Here are some ways you can play:

  • Simply cover your eyes with your hands.
  • Before you change a diaper, hide behind the clean diaper.
  • As you are playing, put your toddler’s hands over her eyes and then take them away.
  • When your toddler wakes up from a nap, place a toy under a cover and pull the cover away.
  • When you are dressing your toddler, hide behind her little shirt.