Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

This multisensory experience will get your toddler touching and looking, hearing and speaking, up and moving! As your toddler chases and then manipulates an alphabet block, you can encourage her to say words and even bring her attention to letter shapes and letter names. Although she may have no specific knowledge of the letters at this time, she’ll gain from the chance to look at and handle letter blocks. Drop the block in a can and hear the fun Plunkety Plunk sound it makes!

  • picture alphabet blocks
  • empty coffee can

Step 1: Save an empty coffee can and use duct tape to cover any sharp edges on the can. Put several small picture alphabet blocks in the can and let your toddler dump them out. Pick one up and show it to her. Bring her attention to the picture on the block and encourage her to say the word with you. You might say:

Look at this alphabet block. Do you see the picture of the moon? We see the moon when we go night-night.

Can you say moon?

Step 2: Roll the block a short distance across the floor and use a dramatic voice as if the block was lost. Invite her to get it. When she returns, ask about the picture and see if she can manipulate the block to show it to you. As she is turning it around, bring the letter shape to her attention. Touch the letter and tell her the letter name. You might say:

Oh, no! Where did the block go? Can you go get it? Hooray, hooray, you found the block today!

Now bring it here!

Can you show me the picture of the moon? There it is, say it with me, moon.

I see the moon and I see the Letter M, too.

Step 3: Offer the can for her to drop the block in and shake it so she can hear the sound. You might say:

You can put the block away in this can. Plunkety Plunk! Did you hear that sound? Plunkety plunk!

Hooray, hooray, you put the block away!

Step 4: Pick up another block, find the picture and say the word. Roll the block a short distance and repeat the game. Continue as long as she is interested.