Prep: 5-10 Minutes / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Use your Pointer Pal to encourage your toddler to label objects that you touch, and see how many common household items your little one can name. During this stage, most toddlers use one-word utterances and have a vocabulary of three to 50 words.

  • Something to use as a wand (e.g., colorful stick, wooden spoon, homemade wand)

OL Pointer Pal 1Step 1: Locate or create something that can be used as a pointing wand. Something as simple as a colored craft stick with an animal photo taped on can become a Pointer Pal.  

Step 2: Tell your toddler to follow you as you point to some things with your Pointer Pal. Ask him to tell you what each item is called. If he does not know the name, say it for him. Ask him to repeat. Your toddler is most likely just learning to label objects and your modeling will help him.

Step 3: Extend your child’s language by describing the object and providing more details. For example:

OL-Pointer-Pal-2‘Pointer Pal’ is going to touch something. What’s this? That’s right. It’s a book. It has a picture of two children on the cover. Daddy likes to read books.

Step 4: Switch places! Invite your child to hold Pointer Pal and point to things. Then you can tell him what the items are called.