Prep: 10 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Next time you get a shipment delivered to your home, keep the bubble wrap. Let your toddler excite in the popping explosion!

  • bubble wrap
  • painter’s tape (this type of tape will not damage your floors)

Step 1: Cut the bubble wrap into strips about 1-foot wide.

Step 2: Tape the bubble wrap onto the floor to create bubble roads.

Step 3:  Show your child how you can pop the bubbles.  Warn her that it is going to make a loud pop!  Let her become comfortable with the popping noise before moving on with the activity. 

Step 4: Let your toddler have fun running and popping the bubble wrap. She might also enjoy driving small vehicles along the road and listening to the pops.  

Step 5:  You might create a simple rhyme to say as your child is having fun popping.  For example: 

1 pop, 2 pops, 3 pops, 4.

Take another step and pop some more!


Let's take a step at the top.

Ready, set, go.  POP, POP, POP!