Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

As your baby begins to take notice of the world around her, it helps to engage her with colorful and fun items that catch her eye. Here‘s an activity you can do to help your baby learn to grasp objects with her hands – it’s a skill she’ll need to hold pencils and crayons later.

  • soft, long ribbon or scarf
  • soft blanket

Step 1: Tie a long soft ribbon or scarf around your wrist.

Step 2: Lie your baby on her back on a soft blanket.

Step 3: Dangle the ribbon on your wrist within her vision and near her hands, allowing her to grab the ribbon.

Step 4: If your baby doesn’t try to grab the ribbon, gently brush the ribbon through the palm of her hand. As she grasps the ribbon talk with her about how soft the ribbon feels in her hand.

Step 5: When your baby releases the ribbon, try again.

Step 6: Continue the activity as long as your baby stays interested.