Prep: None / Activity Time: 10-15 Minutes

It is most effective when children use all their senses to learn alphabet letters. They must See It, Hear It, Do It, and Touch It. One way you can help your child visually connect to letter shapes and letter sounds is with the use of a mirror.

  • small hand held mirror
  • alphabet cards

Step 1: Show your child an alphabet card (for example, an M). Look in the mirror and model for your child what your mouth looks like as you pronounce the sound for the letter M. You might say: “When I say the sound for the letter M, my mouth and my lips are closed. Watch - /mmm/.” 

Step 2: Place the alphabet card in front of your child and hand her the mirror. Point to the card and tell your child to look in the mirror as he says the sound for the letter M. After your child says the /mmm/ sound, ask him to describe what his mouth does when saying this sound. Then review: “What letter is this? What sound does it make?” If your child does not answer right away, give him the answer.

Step 3:  Continue with other letters as long as your child is interested.  

Here are some other sounds you might try: 

Open lips/mouth: /d/, /t/, /sss/

Lips close, then open:  /b/, /p/

Start with just one letter and sound.  

Ask your child to name some things that begin with the letter sound you are working on.