Prep: 1 Minute / Activity Time: 1-2 Minutes

Infants are just beginning to develop the hand skills that they will need for grasping writing tools when they are older. At first, your baby will need help to grasp objects. You can foster the development of your baby’s hand grasp by placing an infant rattle or soft toy in the palm of her hand and letting her close her fingers around the object. Your baby will enjoy exploring the toy by shaking it and listening to the sound it produces. She will also enjoy exploring the fun object in her grasp by putting it up to her mouth!

  • an infant rattle or small soft toy

Step 1: Gather one of your baby’s favorite rattles or small soft toys.

Step 2: Place the rattle or toy in the palm of your baby’s hand and watch her close her fingers around the object.

Step 3: Respond to your baby’s exploration of the object by commenting on the action. For example, you might say, “That’s right! Shake, shake, shake!” or “I hear squeak, squeak, squeak!”.

Step 4: When your baby spontaneously releases her grasp on the object, try placing it in the palm of her hand again.

Step 5: Discontinue the activity when your baby no longer has interest in the object.