Prep: None / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Children love “fingerpainting” with shaving cream. It’s fun, easy to clean up and irresistible to little ones!

  • shaving cream
  • towel, to wipe hands with

Step 1: Put a dollop of shaving cream on a table or sliding glass door. Let your child explore the shaving cream with her fingers, like she might with finger paint.

Step 2: After she has had a chance to just have fun exploring the shaving cream, you might make a line or shape and ask her to copy it.

Step 3: See if she can make a circle, a square, a smiley face and a zigzag line.

Step 4: Describe what you see your child drawing.  

Let your child explore and play with the shaving cream as she chooses. You might describe what you see her drawing and make some suggestions from time to time.

Make the first letter of your child’s name and ask her to copy it in the shaving cream.