Prep: 5 Minutes / Activity Time: 5-10 Minutes

Does your child like to try on and walk in other people’s shoes? In this activity, she can enter Shoe World, where she will have fun wearing new shoes while she learns to describe and make observations about them.

  • several pairs of shoes or slippers that belong to different people


Step 1: Gather several pairs of shoes or slippers that are different in appearance and purpose.


Step 1: Place the shoes on the floor in front of your child and welcome her to Shoe World! Ask her to look at the shoes and describe them by color, shape and size.

Step 2: Have your child select two different shoes and put them on. Ask her how the shoes feel on her feet. How do the shoes fit? Are they easy or hard to walk in?

Step 3: Ask her to choose a pair of your shoes and a pair of her own shoes. See if she can describe how they are different and how they are similar.

Step 4: Ask your child to group similar shoes together, such as shoes with laces, slippers, black shoes.

Provide more support. For example, you might ask your child to find all the black shoes, the ones with Velcro, etc.

Ask questions about the purpose of the shoes. Discussing the purpose is harder than just looking at physical characteristics. For example, you might ask your child to select the shoes that might be used to play sports or to go to the beach.