Prep: None / Activity Time: 10-15 Minutes

Children at this age and stage in development can copy a circle, draw and paint with large tools, thread large beads and begin to cut on a straight line. Having fun with activities that build your child’s fine motor skills will build her confidence and the ability to use her hands. This activity provides a fun way for your child to practice her emerging drawing and writing skills outside.

Large pieces of sidewalk chalk

Step 1: Find a large area of sidewalk or driveway.  

Step 2: Lie down on the sidewalk and have your child trace your body, or stand in the sun to make a shadow and have your child trace the outline of your shadow with the chalk.  

Step 3: Now switch places and draw your child. Encourage your child to include details like eyes, ears, jewelry, hats.


Step 1: To make it easier:  Trace your child’s outline and let her trace over it with a different color chalk.  

Step 2: Draw and demonstrate a simple line or circle first and then let your child copy you.  

Step 3: Using large pieces of chalk will help little fingers and hands with coordination and grasp.


Step 1: To add some challenge:  After tracing and drawing body shapes, invite your child to write her name above the tracings.

Step 2: Draw a speech bubble above the body outlines and help your child write what each person might be saying.