Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Word play increases a young child's awareness of sounds. By playing games that invite your toddler to repeat sounds, you are helping to show her how to play with sounds and language. We recommend beginning with your child's name, because it is her favorite word!

Step 1: Sing your child's name. For example if your child’s name is Jessica you would sing:

"Jessica, Jessica …  I love you!"

Step 2: Sing your child's name slowly.

"Jehhhh   siiiii    caaaah ...     Jehhh  siiii   caaah   …  I love you!"

Step 3: Now, think of a word that rhymes with your child’s name and sing it fast like this:

"Jessica, Tessica … I love you!"

Step 4: You can continue to add more rhyming words, singing your child’s name fast and slow. Change your voice each time to make it even more interesting.

"J-j-j-j Jessica, t-t-t-t Tessica, m-m-m-m Messica, …I love you!"