Prep: None / Activity Time: 3-5 Minutes

Young infants are sensitive to the different sounds of speech. This is one reason babies enjoy songs, rhymes and chants. Since your 6- to 11-month-old is likely producing a variety of sounds, you can begin to connect these sounds to the songs/chants that she already enjoys!

Step 1: Choose a children's song/chant that your baby is familiar with.  (Example: The Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Step 2: Choose a sound your child can produce. (Example: "ba")

Step 3: Using the tune of the song (or cadence of the chant), replace all of the words with one repeated sound.


Replace this:

The spi...der climbed up the wa...ter spout

with THIS

ba  ba-ba  ba-ba  ba-ba   ba ba ba ba-ba ba

Step 4: Your baby will enjoy the song/chant because the rhythm remains familiar, but she will be attending to one specific speech sound. This is a skill that will prove helpful down the road when it is time to learn the sounds associated with individual alphabet letters.

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